Days of Light

by Miika Keskimäki

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Days of Light is my third full-length release, first one with this moniker. The songs move between from Doom, Death and Stoner genres with heavy low-tuned fuzz and dark psychedelic overtones. The sound is somewhere between modern and vintage production. Lyrics touch on failings to deal with depression and surrendering to misery.

I handle all the instrument and vocal duties, except for drums which are programmed.


released March 29, 2016

Miika Keskimäki - Writing, Arrangement & Production



all rights reserved


Miika Keskimäki Finland

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Track Name: Into Smoke
There are old thruths hidden in the woods,
A forgotten circle midst the trees
Ancient bones and dust arranged in a fashion
Stories of timeless deeds

The dream begins with a crazed run for life
Forgotten road with cast down cryptic signs
Smoke is rising in the horizon through the trees
When the heart is ready to give in

Try to release
It's just a dream

A haze pain as you try to concentrate
To see beyond the veil your mind began to create
Family and friends lain dead, and on the lovers open chest
Burst out is all the shame you've accustomed to bear

Try to release
But it's just a dream

And as the dawn breaks, vision from the clearing fades
One desires to return, even if just to dream
Too many memories will be slain through the day
Worlds forgotten, lain wasted in to burning light

All forgotten
In cruel light
Ignited burning in to smoke
Track Name: The Continuing War Against Entropy
The war has been already lost, the moment the battle starts
As soon as light is cast upon the eyes
Scattered are every useless experiences to go through
All the wasted heat escapes and transfers to the void

But time has yet to run out, not for an eternity
And all bodies will begin to fail, before the final act has played
I arrange everything in to neat piles in faded corners
Laying down amidst them I wait for the dream to take the time

I fill my thoughts with words and works of new unrelenting harmonies
From tiny parts I combine into monumental constructions
Inside my mind I invoke a great oneness to the world
Order and unity in to the world created from chaos

Alas the work is doomed to fail, and the fruits wither in trees
Every day once lived, once again was a waste
And day by day, all energy transmutates
Cell by cell exhausted flesh with it's last sigh curses enthropy

The continuing
War against
Track Name: Haze of Pain
The years have gone, in useless toil
I'm waiting for some new lost cause
Yet time goes on, and blood grows thin
Bitter taste of defeat never leaves the mouth

There are no enemies, no great adversity
There's nothing to focus the fight against
Always behind the doors, windows blinded shut
Scared to move, listening for a sound

And the burden weighs on my back
Turn away from the blinding light
Even the dream has escaped somehow
The world has been erased

Released from all, responsibilites
Ones who might have caused
Pain or suffering
In this mind fear is the master
Yet it's limits fails to recognize

The time to depart, if it is to come
There will be no farewells
I will just disappear
There's is no guilt to share, shame to undergo
If the day will come and I go on...
Track Name: Days of Light
Sometimes it hits the sweet spot, long days of mind alteration
To float in the amber light, watching the smoke rising in to the sunset
Sometimes the dream takes a tangible form to grasp with the fingers
Then it fades away at though, with you remembering there is a price to pay

There is always price to pay
And it grows...

The days of light, are there to guide
the pain where it is yet to have been
The sudden glimpse, of better days
To accentuate the suffering even more clear

And all the time, the dream goes on
Weighing on the will, to break it's own back
Someday you'll find, you'll feel alright
Just to stay there, never to rise again

Some day, but not today

No matter how, hard I try
The dream will take it's toll - It always will
No matter where, I try to hide
It's faint embrace, will trace my step

And if I am, to stand my ground
Like smoke in to the night it fades away
And so we play, together this way
Until the wind cuts us down
Track Name: The Wind
I can feel it on my trail
The approaching hurricane
I've been driving for days
But this time I can't shake it off
Slow and steady,
I can feel it's hand on my head,
coming to take me away

In the end, the wind will cut you down
The wind will cut us down

No time for dreams
Not anymore
No hope to dream
I am being crushed
And now I am fully awake again
And I can see the end
Somehow as if time had stretched
I was here all along

A wretched fool
Deceiving coward
Heartless and cruel
An utmost failure

A disappointing useless sack of filth
Wasted material destined to fail
In face of mundane and trivial things

I'm running out of time and breath
As I am measured and judged for my sins
Now that the dream has died
Everyone can see me as I am

A wretched fool
Deceiving coward
Heartless and cruel
An utmost failure

In the end, the Wind will cut you down
Cut us down all way