Sealed safe within
Where nothing ever happens
Anticipating nothing
Nothing for years to come

Nothing to say
Watching and waiting
For something to break
Reasons to stay

But nothing can be made still
Walls can't hold on forever by magic alone
Streams were made to flow free
Trees meant to grow - but what of me?
Still just shedding leaves
For there are days of strange activity
Waking up and starting to see the world anew
So far those times ended in bitterness
They are the start and the end

A reoccurring dream I often wake up from
With the words I wrote but never wanted to hear
But what of dreams if all you do is sleep
It's tempting to just ignore, but so it reads...

"You just love this misery
Bitterness fuels the fires, you've never wanted to change
Stop excusing yourself
Live the poisoned life you always had fantasized about"

And that might be the worst of everything
Being confronted by none other than oneself
To hell with the know-it-alls, be it part of yourself
It's time to medicate, to numb and intoxicate

For I am, what I choose
Not defined by others
Not a victim of consequences
Slaved no to emotions
Adhered to no ideals
Unmoved by the world
Or so I used to think


from Weeks of Darkness, released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Miika Keskimäki Finland

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