Gained and Lost Control

from by Days of Light



Faceless and without mercy
The dawn is settling in
Hard light crawls down the wall
Suddenly, without warning
The memories flooding in
Last night pushing down the doors
....and taking me

Flashes of out of focus images floating by
Disconnected droning words
Nothing to be afraid of
Just another wasted night
Among all others of this wasted life

Dreams of smiles on foreign faces
The filling and unfilling of glasses
Somewhere else there is someone else
Trying to forget the corresponding memories

The hands were tied
Grasping for control
Trying to sell the soul

Few joyful moments
Traded for a years of loss
Surely there are demons
Envious for the rate of of this exchange

The hands were tied
Grasping for control
Trying to sell the soul
The heart is blind
Just beating for the thrill
Trying to lose control

And I could be content
Safe within the circle
But the need to chase the shadows
Was more powerful still

Lost all control
Free from all control

Wasted and without mercy
Leaving behind few more dreams
Collapsing throught the door and shutting down
Without thinking gained or lost control


from Weeks of Darkness, released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Miika Keskimäki Finland

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