Weight of the World

from by Days of Light



The words had their time
Yet never anything was said
Nothing was implied
But I took it all to the heart

And now I have gone beyond my years
Road-worn, collecting centuries worth dust
And nothing came from all the ideas
Aspiration - A flower never watered
The flashes of a life that may could've been
Don't really hurt, no more - but are added to the pile
Of the burdens one chose to carry, all by themselves

Weight of the world forcing down the shoulders
Oh how glad I was to shake off from mine
Step by step for you the road grows longer
I can't carry even a handful of pride
And you have gone pushing on the boulders
Over even the rockiest of hills
Doesn't look much but from where I stand
Nothing ever will...

Weight of the world

You know I never wanted to pay the price
Never to accept that time flows on
And whe I loved I loved like a fiend
Feeding on emotion until the vein was dry
Never to - like you would - to built it stronger
Lay foundations designed to take the blows
To withstand in jaws of entropy
Carry the weight of the world


from Weeks of Darkness, released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Miika Keskimäki Finland

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